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Study Guide Chapter Three

  • Where did the new colonists travel from to Florida?
  • Describe the life of a 1700s cowman.
  • What is a "bunch quitter"?
  • Who imposed taxes on ranchers in the 1700s?
  • How did ranchers avoid paying taxes?
  • What was tallow used for?
  • Why did cattlemen ship cow hides to Spain and Portugal?
  • Who invaded Florida during the 1700s and stole cattle?
  • Did buffalo ever roam in Florida? How do you know this?
  • When did the British take control of the peninsula of Florida?
  • What's a "land boom"?
  • Describe the early Andalusian horses brought to Florida from Spain.
  • How did the British influence others (besides soldiers) to settle in Florida?
  • Where was King's Road?
  • Besides providing many geographical names, what else did the Spanish provide to Florida?
  • Why did ranchers start annual burns on rangeland?