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Study Guide Chapter Six

  • Where is the Brighton Reservation? (County?)
  • Why are Florida range cows considered "magicians"?
  • Where can someone buy a "living bit of history" (cracker cows or cracker horses) today?
  • When was the last historic cattle drive across Florida?
  • What is the Florida Cracker Trail? What year was it designated?
  • Stephen Monroe, Head of the Department of Agriculture's Cattle Operation has stated: "It is a living, breathing, touchable, and tangible link to our history. this isn't some artifact in a stagnant, cold, mildewed museum exhibit." What did he mean by this statement?
  • Where can one visit an old cow camp?
  • Who is Mitchell Kolbe? what's the name of his bronze sculpture featuring a Cracker Cowboy, a Cracker Cow, a Cracker Horse, and a Cracker Dog?
  • Why are leather cow whips considered a treasure today? What material is used today for plaiting most cow whips?