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Study Guide Chapter Five

  • Describe the Cracker horse (St Johns Ponies) and why they were so valuable to the cow hunters.

  • What are Cutters? Headers? Heelers?
  • Name at least three counties where wild cattle still roamed in the 1900s.
  • Where was the first frontier school established?
  • Which town was called the Cow Capital of Central Florida?
  • What kinds of wildlife threatened pioneer families in the 1900s?
  • Where was the last wold attack reported in 1888?
  • In what county did cattlemen stop to fatten up their cows on the way to market?
  • What kinds of trees and grasses were avaliable at Paynes Prairie?
  • What problem occurred in 1906 after cattle were imported from Texas?
  • When did a mandatory dipping program begin in Florida?
  • Describe the dipping program and why it was necessary.
  • Why were double fences built nine feet apart near railroads?
  • Which county was the first to have cattle attorneys? Why?
  • What's a cowcatcher?
  • Who was the Ashley Gang? What did ranchers do to protect their cattle from them?
  • What's a buckaroo?
  • What's an abattoir?
  • Who was responsible for the Fence Wars?
  • Describe a typical Florida Cowboy and his clothing. Compare to western cowboys. What kind of saddle did they use? How did they get the name "Cracker Cowboy"?
  • Why did early motorists dislike signs that read "OPEN RANGE"?
  • What was the name of the first road across the southern part of Florida?
  • When was it completed? It was named for which two towns?
  • Name the man whose dream came true in 1947 when the Everglades became a National Park.
  • Where is the Chinsegut Hill Farm located? How big is it? What is it used for?
  • How did the Dust Bowl (1931-1939) affect Florida cattlemen?
  • What association was formed in 1934 to help cattlemen?
  • Who were the "Cow Belles"?
  • What happened during a frog-strangler?
  • What river flooded in 1936?
  • Who was Edward F. Knipling? How did he help the cattle industry in Florida?
  • What year was the first annual Seminole Days celebration?
  • In the 1940s, what did cattlemen do to improve their herds?
  • How did these changes affect the cow hunter's life?
  • When did Florida finally get its Fence Law?
  • What happened to the little scrub cows that weren't used for crossbreeding?
  • What pioneer cattleman kept the bloodlines pure for the little cracker cows?
  • After he died, how did his daughters help preserve the cracker cow?
  • Who was the Agriculture Commissioner who helped save "a living part of Florida's history", the cracker cows?
  • Where are the four state herds of cracker cows located?
  • What year was the Florida Cracker Cattle Breeders Association formed?
  • What pioneer horseman helped to preserve the cracker horse in the state?
  • When was the little cracker horse named Florida's State Horse?
  • What does FCCA stand for? FCHA?