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Study Guide for Chapter One

In what year did Juan Ponce de Leon discover Florida?

What did he name the newly discovered land?

What's the name of the city where he first landed?

When did Ponce de Leon return to Florida?

What did he leave behind?

Why was this important to Florida's future?

What is the name of the harbor he found on the west

coast of Florida?

What early tribe of Native Indians lived in south Florida

in the 1500s?

Describe their relationship with Ponce de Leon.

What year did explorer Panfilo de Narvaez come to Florida?

What did he leave behind?

Why was this important for Florida's future?

What was Hernando de Soto looking for in Florida?

What year did he arrive?

What happened to the dogs Hernando de Soto left behind?

Name two other Spanish explorers who left behind cattle and horses.

Who established forts along the east coast of Florida in the 1560s?

Who established a fort at St Augustine to remove the French?